Hallo Kinder

The Cow Belles: Somebody to Love, AGT 2023

Eduardo: Mariachi AGT 2023

Dylan: Listen (Beyoncé)

Listen to the song here in my heart

A melody I start but can′t complete

Listen, to the sound from deep within

It's only beginning

To find release


Oh, the time has come

For my dreams to be heard

They will not be pushed aside and turned

Into your own

All cause you won′t


Listen, I am alone at a crossroads

I'm not at home, in my own home

And I've tried and tried

To say what′s on my mind

You should have known


Oh, now I′m done believing you

You don't know what I′m feeling
I'm more than what you made of me

I followed the voice you gave to me

But now I gotta find my own


I don′t know where I belong

But I'll be moving on

If you don′t

If you won't

Listen to the song here in my heart

A melody I start

But I will complete

Oh, now I'm done believing you

You don′t know what I′m feeling

I'm more than what you′ve made of me

I followed the voice you think you gave to me

But now I gotta find my own

My own

Fia: Flashlight (Jessie J)| The Voice Kids 2023

Die Jakobsleiter


Flori Cutitaru: Stone cold – Audiciones a Ciegas - La Voz Kids 2018

Stone cold

Stone cold
You see me standing

But I′m dying on the floor

Stone cold, baby

God knows I try to feel

Happy for you

Know that I am

Even if I can't understand

I'll take the pain

Give me the truth

Me and my heart we′ll make it through

If happy is her

I′m happy for you

Flori Cutitaru: "Without you" – Final – La Voz Kids 2018

Mentissa avec Vianney Bureau: Et Bam (live @Accor Arena)

Gare du Nord en Novembre 

Les cheveux en pagaille 

Comme une boule au ventre

qui me tend qui me tord 

Et Paris qui s'étale 
Tout à coup me voilà 

Les jambes fébriles 

Qu’elle est grande pour moi

cette scène imposante 

Où tout devient fragile 

Et bam et bam 

Dans la poitrine 

Maman je l’ai fait pour ça 

Je veux pas, je veux pas l’Amerique 

Gabriel: Et Bam Mentissa Aziza| The Voice Kids 2022

Mentissa: Et bam The Voice 2021  (Finale)

Malakai: Pie Jesu · Schola Cantorum of the Cardinal Vaughan Memorial School · London Mozart Players

Malakai Bayoh: „Alleluja“ Mozart „Exsultate, jubilate“, English National Opera Orchestra Paul Daniel, Royal Albert Hall

Olivia Archbold: In The Arms Of an Angel (Sarah McLaughlin) - Britain's Got Talent

Sara: Malaguena (Ernesto Lecuona) | The Voice Kids 2022

Que bonitos ojos tienes

Debajo de esas dos cejas

Debajo de esas dos cejas

Que bonitos ojos tienes.

Ellos me quieren mirar

Pero si tu no los dejas

Pero si tu no los dejas

Ni siquiera parpadear.

Malaguena salerosa

Besar tus labios quisiera

Emma Cerchi: Je suis malade (Serge Lama) | The Voice Kids France 2018

Fayth Ifil: Proud Mary (Rolling on the River) John Fogerty

Veronica: Hallelujah  Leonard Cohen

Veronica W., 7 Jahre, 1. Klasse, Gesang

Ben Bross, Gitarre

Amy-Baker Stout, Gesangslehrerin

Medientipps {unbezahlte Werbung}

Ab 3 Jahren

Frederik Vahle Anne Kaffeekanne, 12 Lieder zum Singen, Spielen und Tanzen, CD

Ab 5 Jahren

Katharina Apostolidis: Tatiti, der Rhythmusindianer

Rätsel– und Malbuch für das Erlernen von Noten- und Pausenwerten 

6 bis 11 Jahre: Katharina Apostolidis: Der Notenclown

Rätsel- und Malbuch für Instrumente in Violinschlüsselnotation 

Ab 5 bis 7 Jahre: Gerald Hüther, Inge Michels: Gehirnforschung für Kinder – Felix und Feline entdecken das Gehirn 

Kösel-Verlag; 10. Edition, 2009

Bach: „Jesus bleibet meine Freude“ Thomanerchor Leipzig